About HalfHourPower

What is HalfHourPower?

HalfHourPower is thirty minutes of strength and cardio exercises that train you like an athlete. You’ll get the body of an athlete in half the time of conventional workouts – and stay injury-free. Our unique workouts emphasize stability, strength and power so you can play the sports you love. Professional athletes like Wes Welker rely on HalfHourPower to perform at their best, and now you can too.

Reactive Core Training: The Secret of HalfHourPower

Conventional training — like situps or bench press — puts you on your back to train your core. But we don’t live on our backs. We live, work, and play using a wide range of movements centered around standing upright. Whether we’re sitting, rising, twisting, reaching, pulling, or pushing, all our daily activities rely on a strong and stable core from an erect position.
That’s where HalfHourPower departs from conventional core training. Working from a standing position, your core, legs, and arms all work together to develop balance and power. Our special bands train every aspect of standing functional movement, including speed, power, flexibility, balance, agility, and strength.

Who Should Try HalfHourPower?

Serena Williams
Performing a PowerBand demo with Serena Williams
Bryan Brothers
Training with #1 Doubles Team in the World

If you’re healthy, HalfHourPower is designed for you. Whatever your role in life — busy professional, stay-at-home mom, retiree, or even pro athlete — you can use HalfHourPower one to three times per week for overall fitness, weight loss and toning, core strength development, and improved sports skills. In a nutshell, HalfHourPower can benefit anyone who wants to feel, look, and perform better.