Client Testimonials

Wes – Professional Football Player
This workout is what I always wanted.

Amy – Professional Soccer Player
HalfHourPower has been a game-changer for me. As a professional soccer player, I have always struggled to find effective ways to stay in prime shape in the off-season. HalfHourPower has allowed me to elevate my game to a new level on the field; I am stronger, quicker and faster than I ever have been. The exercises we do in class directly translate to movements I constantly make on the soccer field. Whether it is forward, side to side, or backwards, my first steps are quicker than my opponent, and regardless of what sport you play, that is crucial. Not only does HalfHourPower challenge me with an intense 30 minute workout every time I walk through the door, it is incredibly low impact on the body.The resistance band 070-414 exam work we do in class takes an immense amount of stress off of my joints and bones. My body has never been healthier or felt better. I highly recommend HalfHourPower to anyone looking for an efficient, tough and intense workout.

Ehlias – Former U.S. Alpine Ski Team Member
HalfHourPower workouts have been the only program after my nine knee surgeries that has allowed me to enjoy the sports I love. I thought hockey, skiing, and tennis would be a thing of the past, however through Howard’s workouts I can confidently say my knees are stronger than ever. I only wish I knew of this program 15 years ago.

Claude MD FACC FAHA – Board-Certified Specialist in Cardiovascular Disease
I’m a board-certified specialist in cardiovascular disease and a long-time recreational athlete. I spent many years running, both for health and competition, but I found that just running left me with severe muscle imbalances as I got older and also didn’t prepare me for other sports like skiing and mountain hiking. HalfHourPower allows me to maintain high-level cardiovascular conditioning while building explosive strength, agility and stability. At age 57, I can ski harder, faster and longer than I ever have before, not to mention attacking those steep uphills on my runs–and I still feel great the next day.

Jen – Small Business Owner
I exercise for my mind just as much as I exercise to be fit. HalfHourPower keeps my mind focused, reduces stress and takes the excuse of no time to work out off the table.

Barbara – Tennis Player and Mom
HalfHourPower has revolutionized my workouts… Reduced them to half the time while challenging me in new ways every week. Being a busy mother of three young boys, I can get to a morning class and still be home before anyone wakes up. As an avid tennis player, I have noticed a huge increase in my stamina and ability to sprint to return wide and short balls. The bands feel so much safer and don’t hurt my wrists and knees like typical gym equipment… And with only 8 people in each class, the instructor is able to focus on everyone’s form to ensure the most effective and injury-free workouts. It is like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the price. The weekly workout is designed in consideration of what was done the prior week. Going to HalfHourPower consistently 3x per week for almost a year, I have really felt and seen results in how I look and feel!

Christy – Busy Working Mom of Three
I used to think I was too busy to exercise–with HalfHourPower, I have zero excuse and I love the results. Now I go out of my way to make time for HalfHourPower. HalfHourPower is not just a workout–it is people committed to sports, competition and an efficient workout. I love the camaraderie of the classes and the structure of the sessions. Never, ever bored with this workout. It changes all the time–so you don’t get too comfortable. You get results.

Karin – Business Consultant
I’m a runner, biker, skier and general fitness enthusiast. I’m also a mom, and work part-time. I’ve belonged to the conventional health club, and tried numerous classes at studios over the years. HalfHourPower is revolutionary because it gives me a hard-core strength and cardio workout in 30 minutes – which honestly is all I have time for most days. Even more revolutionary is that I feel good when I’m done and have been injury-free for 8 months.

Silvina – Tennis Player
I have been working out at HalfHourPower for years. HalfHourPower challenges me every time and has been a the best workout for my tennis game. I believe this workout gave me what I needed to move up in my tennis level. I’m a 4.0 and HalfHourPower is a must in my work out routine.

Jay – Communications Specialist
As an aging guy (and not an athlete), I discovered HalfHourPower when I began to feel a lot of daily soreness and aches in my back muscles. HalfHourPower routines emphasize the whole core, with a combination of pushing, pulling, running, turning, and stretching that has improved my all-around fitness and makes me feel great all day. And my back pain is nearly gone! Best half-hour of the day—I strongly recommend HalfHourPower for anyone looking for an efficient, effective, and fun workout.