The HalfHourPower Difference

bands on wallBand training is an established technique for fitness training and has been in use for decades by individuals, sports programs, and professional teams. But HHP has developed workouts that take band training to a new level. That band doesn't stretch all by itself — you have to work the band, and you have to work hard. Once you commit to band work, you will get remarkable results.

If you are having trouble improving your strength and power with traditional weight training, maybe it's time to give bands a try.  The benefits of  resistance band training for strength are incredible.

bands in actionThe HHP training band is different from other bands on the market. The HHP band contains no fillers, while most ordinary bands contain up to 40% filler (often a silicate-clay compound). What does this mean? When you stretch an ordinary rubber band it reduces all of the characteristics of the rubber, giving it lower tensile yet higher modulus of elasticity (harder to stretch), poor permanent set (ability to return to shape), reduced elongation, and fewer repetitions. The ordinary band will get stiffer over time. Not the HHP band, which is superior to other bands on the market.