What is HHP?

HalfHourPower is thirty minutes of explosive maneuvers designed to burn fat, tone muscle, and give you your best body ever — in half the time of a traditional workout. HHP uses a unique set of industrial bands to teach you balance and stability while developing core strength and reactive speed and power.

Reactive Core Training: The Secret of HHP
Conventional training puts you on your back to train your core, as with the sit-up or bench press. But we don't live our lives on our backs. We live and play from a standing position. In a standing position, core, legs, and arms all work together for balance and power. Train your core the way you live—standing. And bands can train every aspect of standing functional movement, including speed, power, flexibility, balance, and strength.

The HHP class
The HalfHourPower class is 30 minutes. All sessions start with a five-minute dynamic warm up, and move on to 25 minutes of intense sprint workouts targeting the upper and lower body as well as the core. The workouts change every two weeks. With HHP you will burn fat, lose your belly, and get in the best shape of your life using the exercise secrets I teach some of the top professional athletes in the world.