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Since developing HalfHourPower, I have trained some of the world’s finest athletes in the prime of their careers

But my greatest joy is seeing how the program helps so many busy and active professionals. With HalfHourPower, these people eliminated the aches and pains that they thought were just part of the aging process. HalfHourPower gave them the energy and fitness to make the most of their busy lives.

HalfHourPower gave them results.

Many people believe that they need a gym, weights, an hour or more, and endless cardio to get the results. You don’t need any of that.

You can accomplish all you need with HalfHourPower - quickly, effectively and safely.

Whether you come in to one of my studios here in Denver or order HalfHourPower, you’ll find a workout that fits into your life and enhances everything you do.