Train like the pros. Up your game.

The Hinge Method uses custom-made resistance bands, stronger than any on the market and designed specifically around the exercise routine. Just a few hours a week will strengthen your core like no other program.

  • Amplifying your strength and flexibility
  • Reducing risk of pain and injury
  • Giving you greater stability as you play

In no time, you’ll be driving the ball like never before. 

After doing the routine, my entire back, from my shoulders to my hamstrings, feels strong, stretched, and flexible. It’s amazing each time I do it, and the effects keep adding up. Great for total well being and balance, too.
— Nili
Howard’s Hinge Method for the back is the only thing that keeps me on the tennis court and pain free. In addition to increasing my shoulder’s range of motion, it’s toning my back, arms, abs and legs.
— Brooke