Limited Time Offer: Bonus Power Band

For More Pain-Free Workouts

The custom design of The Hinge Method’s Power Bands allows you to strengthen vital muscles overlooked by other workouts, muscles such as your hip flexors. Why is it important to not neglect your hip flexors? If your knees ache after an intense session of deadlifts and box jumps, you’re feeling the consequences of that neglect.

Ignoring the body’s hip flexors has been scientifically linked to knee pain AND to back pain. But with consistent Hinge Method training, you can strengthen your hip flexors, glutes, and the rest of your body’s core, so that pain never returns.

Listen to the results:

The Hinge Method is more than just an add-on, it is an integral piece of the whole body fitness and well-being puzzle. What good is being a precision-tuned fitness machine, if pain keeps you from using your body to the fullest?” 

Order the complete Hinge Method package in the next 72 hours—unlocking Levels 2, 3 & 4 and 3 Power Bands—and receive your bonus Power Band, all for $50. Shipping is fast and free, so you can begin your transformation right away!

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