Aging gracefully is a Battle Against Change.


It’s no secret that our population is getting older while staying highly active. Mother nature is going to have her say on how your body changes. If your exercise program does not address these changes, problems are going to occur.

My name is Howard Waldstreicher and I am the founder of HalfHourPower, a unique PowerBand workout that promotes strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility for active aging individuals.

I have worked with some of the top athletes in the world such as Serena Williams, Wes Welker and the Bryan brothers. I am now offering your members the same experience.


After reviewing some of these age-related changes, you will see why incorporating PowerBand training into your members workout routine is critical.

HalfHourPower workshops allow each participant to:

  1. Stay Long and Strong: If your members are going to continue to move great, they must have the mobility and stability required to accomplish that. As the body ages, mobility is the first thing you see decreasing, especially as it relates to rotation in the hips, shoulders and mid-back.

  2. Stay Powerful: For most individuals the last thing they are worried about training for is power. However, when you look at what we do each and every day, power is the key to avoiding injury. Power lets you generate force quickly to prevent falling when we lose our balance, for example.

  3. Stay in Control: Controlling how we decelerate is critical to keeping our joints, bones and muscles safe from trauma and injury. PowerBand training, where resistance increases as range of motion increases, results in control when changing speed or direction.

  4. Decompress: A PowerBand is different than weight lifting, where you are fighting gravity and the weights are compressing your joints. Individuals can use PowerBands at any age without the aches and injuries from compression that you get using free weights.

  5. Perform Body Weight Exercises at Any Age: How strong we are at lifting our own bodies will ultimately determine how well we can perform tasks such as rising from a chair or climbing out of a car. With PowerBands as an assistance tool, bodyweight exercises (like squats or lunges) are possible regardless of age or strength level.

  6. Be 3-Dimensionally Strong: The body must be strength-trained in multiple planes and using multiple movement patterns in order to become 3-dimensionally strong. Keeping the body 3-D strong will allow us to perform our daily and recreational activities more easily.

Recently, I completed a series of PowerBand workshops at Rancho La Puerta, Mexico (voted among the top wellness resorts in the world), for spa clients of all fitness levels. I would like to show you why my workshops were so well-received with Rancho La Puerta clients.

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