After doing the routine, my entire back, from my shoulders to my hamstrings, feels strong, stretched, and flexible. It’s amazing each time I do it, and the effects keep adding up. Great for total well being and balance, too.
— Nili
The Hinge Method exercises have strengthened my back more so than the stability training I was given by my physical therapist. I have had sciatic pain for years. After doing these exercises consistently in just a short amount of time, I have been able to do activities I have not been able to in years. I can stand, walk, and run longer. I can work better and all the sports I play are more fun as my stability has increased and I no longer experience pain.
— Jennifer
I have been doing physical therapy and chiropractic regimens for years to help with my lower back and hip joint. I started training with Hinge Method to complement my physical therapy - it has helped to the point that I no longer go to PT. It is a very focused, deliberate movement, but has had significant results in my entire low back region.
— Mary Kay

Make your back and your body better.

The Hinge Method workout is a great workout if you have back issues or if you simply want an extremely effective workout to strengthen your back and core to prevent injury. It has improved my performance in other activities I enjoy, especially running and skiing. By making small adjustments you are suddenly working different muscles. My glutes, hips and oblique muscles are always sore which tells me I’m working hard. I’ve seen great results.
— Sheilah
I have chronic lower backache, but the vigorous whole-body exercise I get with Hinge Method, with its emphasis on flexibility, controlled movement, and back and core strength, helps me get through every day pain-free. It’s better for me than weights or personal training—and it’s fun, too. Hinge Method is a great program for anyone, any age.
— Jay
Howard’s Hinge workout is like nothing else I’ve ever done in terms of strengthening my back and core and toning my butt and hamstrings. I’m shaking by the end of every exercise, so I know it has to be working!
— Susie
Howard’s Hinge Method for the back is the only thing that keeps me on the tennis court and pain free. In addition to increasing my shoulder’s range of motion, it’s toning my back, arms, abs and legs.
— Brooke S.
I love the Hinge exercises! They help me work my entire back without any discomfort or straining. I feel stronger.
— Anne