Injuries from Crossfit


For many, the soreness after an intense workout is the reward. Soreness may be acceptable but lower back, shoulder and knee pain is not. Train with the Hinge Method to take on the tough regimen and avoid injuries.

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This four-level workout starts with simple exercises designed to achieve proper form — the Hinge. Once you’ve learned how to Hinge correctly, you’ll add resistance to the workout with the power bands and start progressing through the levels.

Most clients begin feeling relief from back pain at the very first level. That’s why we want to give you Level 1 and Level 2 of Hinge Method for free. Just click the button below to start the life-changing Hinge workout.

Discover the benefits of Hinge Method today.

What’s in the Advanced Package?
The Advanced Package includes Levels 3 and 4 of the Hinge Method, which teach you how to use the power bands to work your back and core to relieve back pain and tone your hips and abs.  Our unique power bands have been perfected over many years at HalfHourPower.  The exercises in these levels will give you the body you want and restore pain-free daily living.

The Advanced Package includes access to the Level 3 and Level 4 online videos, three power bands (two large and one small), a door anchor for large-scale movements.

You can order the advanced package at any time.  Shipping is free, and results are guaranteed.  Click here to order.


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Advanced Package includes Levels 3 & 4, three power bands and door anchor

Advanced Package includes Levels 3 & 4, three power bands and door anchor